Renting RV for Camping at Michigan International Speedway

MIS Camping Blog: 3/2/13

I’m starting a blog.  As I start typing, I hope that someone finds this information worthwhile, funny, entertaining, informative, useful and inspiring.

Renting an RV can be a lot of fun especially if you’re planning on camping for a few days.   Now, there are a few questions that you have to ask yourself:

Do I rent an RV locally and drive to MIS Or Should I just have an RV delivered and set up for me at MIS?  Or camp in a tent? (oh, heck no.)

Driving an RV to MIS can be fun but it can also be super stressful if you’re not an experienced driver and seasoned RVer.   Plus, get ready to spend a lot of time at gas stations filling up that RV…  Both Ways.  There and Back!   And hopefully you remember how to work everything the guy at the rental place told you.    And I hope everything works, because I’m sure you tested everything before you left the rental lot.  Hopefully you don’t breakdown or get a flat tire…or hitting a low hanging tree branch in your neighborhood.  Don’t worry its going to be fun…um, I hope so.  Getting the RV searched by US Customs only slows down our Canadian friends a little bit as they cross the US Boarder.   Oh, Don’t be nervous parking that RV either backing it up into that 20-foot wide spot is …easy?

Well , There is another great RV Rental alternative. will deliver and set up a nice travel trailer for you at Michigan International Speedway.

You just show up and everything is waiting for you.  The RV is leveled, set up, cleaned,  the air conditioning is on, the refrigerator is cold and you’re ready to start having fun.

WOW…that sounds too easy… but that’s exactly what happens.

We also provide you with Fire Ring Rental and Firewood supply so you can have fun around your very own campfire anytime you want.

Plus, we are on-site 24/7 to help you with anything and everything.  We’ll help put out your awning, and we’ll put it up for you if the wind is too strong.  We’re there to answer questions and make sure you have a great experience at MIS.

So Make it Easy on yourself and Rent a camper from for any of the events at Michigan International Speedway.

You work hard.  So Relax.   Let the MIS CAMPING Crew Take Care of You!   RV Rentals and Campsites are available for the below events coming to Michigan International Speedway in 2013.  Call Andy Winnie 734-740-4444.

Michigan Wine & Beer Festival-May 18, 2013

Quicken Loans 400 NASCAR June 14-16, 2013

Faster Horses Festival-Country Music: July 19-21, 2013

Pure Michigan 400 NASCAR Aug 16-18, 2013


Row L at Graves Farm

Row L at Graves Farm


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